Our Employees

Kim Tran – Controller

Did you know Kim sponsors the Choc Walk in the Park every year?
To show your support or donate to Kim’s team, e-mail Kim or visit the website.

Jimmy Martin – Hawthorne Warehouse Manager

Did you know Jim is a certified Divemaster? Click the link to check out some of his photo’s. @ visit the website.

Show us your Todd

Show us your Todd !!! Send us photos of yourself, Family and Friends on vacation or just in cool places sporting your Todd Pipe Gear and we may add them to our album you can view them @ visit the website. Please send photos to

James David Aguirre – Anaheim Driver

Did you know that James David Aguirre is an author? He has been a Driver for Todd Pipe & Supply for 25 Years, But he is also a successful writer. Please check out his website @ visit the website.

The KING is in the House!!

“SELF INITIATED TITLE GOES TO EDWARD JENNINGS FOR NOT ONE… BUT 2 AWARD WINNING GAMES, BOTH OF WHICH HE STRUCK OUT… CONVINCINGLY!” “The king had to wear his cape the next day at work for all to enjoy…” “A batter batter, A batter batter… A SWING AND A MISS… AGAIN…” “We love you Ed…” … The Retodds

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